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Miami Alumnae & Patroness Chapter

Sigma Alpha Iota


The Purpose of Sigma Alpha Iota

  • TO FORM chapters of women college students and alumnae who have a sincere interest in music.

  • TO UPHOLD the highest standards of music.

  • TO FURTHER the development of music in America and throughout the world.

  • TO GIVE inspiration and encouragement to members.

  • TO ORGANIZE the cultural life of Sigma Alpha Iota members as a contributing factor to their educational growth.

  • TO SUPPORT the ideals and goals of the member's Alma Mater.

  • TO ADHERE to the highest standards of citizenship in school, community and fraternity life.


2015-2018 National Objectives


We, the members of Sigma Alpha Iota, will: 

1.) Renew our commitment to the Purpose of SAI, striving for perfection.

2.) Honor and respect the traditions of the SAI ritual.

3.) Work in our chapters and communities to raise the standards of music in all its   

      diverse expressions.

4.) Advocate for music education, stressing its importance in our world.

5.) Strengthen and nurture our lifelong connection to SAI members, inspiring each

      other through loving sisterhood and effective communication.

6.) Speak enthusiastically about the many projects of our charitable arm, SAI

      Philanthropies, Inc., and support those projects with our donations.

7.) Be a catalyst for the creation and performance of American music.  


The Vision of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity is to be recognized throughout the world as the foremost fraternity that:

  • Supports and encourages women musicians of all ages, races, and nationalities

  • Supports and promotes successful and innovative educational programs in music for all stages of life.

  • Cultivates excellence in musical performance.

  • Promotes programs and activities that stress the love and importance of music in our lives.

  • Recognizes technological advances in the field of music.

  • Dedicates financial resources that ensure the continuation of programs necessary to support the objectives of the fraternity in perpetuity.

  • Has as its members people who exemplify professional and ethical behavior in the spirit of the Sigma Alpha Iota founders.


Membership Responsibilities

  • To represent the fraternity positively at all times

  • To cultivate broad friendships and be democratic in all campus contacts

  • To be ethical at all times

  • To respect the authority of chapter, province and national officers

  • To refrain from the discussion of internal fraternity affairs with non-members, unless they are chapter advisors

  • To practice the high ideals of Sigma Alpha Iota at all times


Membership Privileges

  • To wear the badge as an introduction to all Sigma Alpha Iota collegiate, alumnae, and distinguished members.

  • To impact music around the world utilizing Sigma Alpha Iota resources.

  • To seek the highest goals of personal development and achievement with the support and encouragement of the Fraternity and its members.

  • To promote American music, contribute to Sigma Alpha Iota’s philanthropic projects, and participate in the Fraternity’s scholarship and grant programs.

  • To work with fraternity leaders to promote Sigma Alpha Iota’s Mission and high standards of musicianship and scholarship.

  • To benefit from leadership opportunities within the national organization.

  • To attend Province Days, National Conventions, and other fraternity events to cultivate friendships with other Sigma Alpha Iota members who share our love of music.